Online floor plans, manage booth space, and more.

Content Builder, We can create complex and responsive grid layouts, effortlessly add images, video, and buttons to the content, and style it all to match the design.

Responsive Tooltips Having lots of content in the tooltips can be fine on desktop, but it doesn’t work on mobile. The best option in this case is to make the tooltips appear Fullscreen and scrollable on mobile devices, which is one click away in the Editor.

Image Backgrounds Having an image as a background for a vector shape, ability to add incredibly cool effects and experiences for floor plans.

Chat between Attendees & Exhibitor

  • Attendees Login / Signup
  • Priority Space Assignment – Exhibit Space
  • Booth space registration
  • Quick Search
  • Virtual Booth
  • Chat between Attendees & Exhibitor
  • Polygon Shapes
  • Style Controls
  • Custom Tooltip Position
  • Animations
  • Image Backgrounds
  • Video & Social Sharing
  • Zooming
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Multiple Floors
  • Connected Shapes
  • Custom Actions
  • Responsive
  • Import SVG

Screen Shots